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To inquire about availability or to schedule a session please send us an email at mail@wilmingtonheadshots.com or fill out the contact form on this link - Contact Form Click Here

What is a typical session like?

Being located in Wilmington NC we work with actors the most putting business and corporate headshots at a close second and third.  The layout of these sessions are very similar.  Business and corporate headshots generally take less time because the subjects schedule sessions during work hours when the headshot is work related.  For corporate headshots I am often asked to set up a mobile studio in or around the office location.  For pricing and expected session times please email with specifics mail@tomsapp.com  Below is a brief discription of what you can expect from a typical studio headshot session. 

Acting Headshots - My session fee is $75 for the time.  Digital files are $75 each.  Most actors are only looking for one image file to reproduce or distribute online on their on making your total headshot investment $150.  Shooting time takes 20 minutes on average for studio headshots.  After we spend some time in the studio or at a location the images go on the computer for you to pick favorites. We then create a favorites folder based on your selections and help you choose the best image for your needs. Once the primary promotional image has been selected we process the raw file, do facial and hair retouching, enhance the overall color and exposure and burn the image file(s) to disk with a full rights release form for you to take with you finalizing your headshot photography experience. 

When you send the session fee in to reserve the date you are reserving the time.  In truth the session fee is to prevent no shows.  Once the time is reserved what we do is up to you in terms of shooting in the studio or at a location.  If you have a sister or friend who would like headshots feel free to bring them with you just keep in mind the more subjects there are requesting headshots the less camera time each subject receives in the 2 hours we block off per headshot session.  The 2 images below show sisters who come to the session together to split the cost.   
actor headshot Wilmington NC
Acting headshot
Will just one image be enough?

When you are starting out in acting a single headshot with a casual smile works well to test the water and see if you have what it takes.  The season actor knows the headshot that best fits the roll will most likely land the part.  In a perfect world an actor would get a new headshot specifically for each roll you are applying for allowing you to dress the part.  Not everyone has a photographer next door or funds to suport such a luxury.  To prepare you for a wide range of possible rolls 2 images can last you a very long time.  You will need one image with a smile for the happy more uplifting rolls.  For drama, horor, thriller acting rolls you can simply turn that frown upside down. 
Wilmington Acting Headshot
Can I get more than just one or two images?

If you think you might be interested in a variety of images and have this as a goal please let us know when you schedule your session date.  Most sessions take an hour or two.  There is no additional fee for more time but we need to know to leave the time available should you choose to continue.   
Why would I need more than one or two headshot images?
The seasoned actor has a wide range of rolls they have played with a variety of charecters the actor is able to portray.  Some actors I have worked with have hired me to make a charecter portfolio for their travel books, promotional websites and social networking sites.  The 3 images side by side below show an actor demonstrating in his words, "a wise guy", "mentally handicapt person", "a wall street business man".  The next image is his basic headshot for general casting submission.  With these and the other images he chose he is ready for any casting call that comes his way. 
casting headshots
wilmington actor headshots

The information below is to help the starting actor and model get the most from your time infront of the camera as well as understand the difference between coming to a custom photographer as aposed to a photo boutique. 
A quality headshot photograph takes team work:

When you search online for photographers, finding websites like the one you are looking at now, it says something.  You're not going to the mall to get whatever is handed to you at a cookie cutter price.  You are searching because you care about your image.  You know the final product is a representation of yourself you will need to believe in to make your goals work.  You want quality at a good price.  This is where we come in.  Many of the inquiries we receive know what they need.  A good example of this would be the acting industy.  For the past year studio headshots on fashion gray roll paper backdrop with a 3 point lighting pattern has been consistant when a professional actor studio headshot is requested.  We stay in contact with local actors and agencies to make sure what we create for you is what will bring you success.  That said to walk into a photography studio saying, "I'd like a headshot", leaves a world of possibilities making the photographers job a guessing game. We can base the clothing and background around your hair, skin and eye color to create something you are happy with, however, if the image isn't what the recipient is looking for our efforts may be wasted.  To get the most out of your time with us it is very important to have a general idea of what you expect to receive.  If you have an agent or are hoping to sign with an agency after your session ask what the requirements are, bring a sample headshot of someone else the agency represents.  At the least be prepared to point to something on our website.   This will give us a starting point to ensure what you receive meets or exceeds your expectations at the time of booking.
Why would I want a custom image, what's a custom image anyway?

When you hire a photographer like Tom Sapp you are choosing to have a cutom image created for you.  You pay a little more than photo boutiques like Portrait Innovations or Picture People for a variety of reasons.  The main point is because the image you receive is custom, created specifically for you.  What does this mean?  Everyone has different facial features.  We use lighting to enhance these features creating shadows or highlights to bring out cheekbones, deep set eyes or a strong jaw line.  Your features make you stand out as being different.  When headshots look like all the rest they blend in to the stack and get flipped through quickly, often overlooked.  Photo boutiques set their lights in a pattern called "copy stand", equal light from 45 degrees on either side of the camera shooting directly into the subject.  The lights are often built in to the walls meaning they can not be moved.  Everyone who comes in gets the same lighting, the same image with a differnet backdrop and props if desired. Shortly after you start talking about packages to knickle and dime to a hire balance.  The images are flat meaning hardly any shadows.  This recipe has proven true for 50+ years.  People complain about shadows when the photographer doesn't know proper facial lighting patterns to make the shadows flattering, showing depth to enhance facial texture.  Elminate shadows and you eliminate customer complaints due to lower skilled photographers who will work for less to increase the overall profit when producing a less expensive product.  The down side to copystand boutiques is in the image.  A product with flat light making your face look flat, round and 10 lbs heavier.  You don't want that do you?  It might work for what you need if we were talking about a passport photo or a drivers license but this is your image of success.  The image you will be sending out to speak on your behalf to make money.  Paying a little extra now for an image you believe in, an image that makes you look your best is a recipe for a successful infestment.  To give you the best quality we can we change the lights based on each subjects needs to create a custom image.  We care about what we create for you.  Our way of garanteeing a positive experience is to make a promise to you.  We keep shooting until you are satisfied. If at any point you feel our efforts will not satisfy your needs the session fee will be returned. 
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